May 13

Destinys Child-Bills,Bills,Bills

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Apr 13

Kelly Rowland all set to return

Former Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland produced a magnificent mini concert at the CFW in 2009. Now, as she relishes a significant career surge as well as unparalleled visibility in her career as a solo music artiste, she now comes back to to CFW.

Kelly is looking ahead to her come back to the St Andrew for Caribbean Fashion week while recognizing the event as the place’s seminal style celebration. This year she would offer a full concert performance, full with back up singers and dancers. Kelly had already told that she would sing all her hit tracks. She told that “Look out Jamaica, you are in for the best of Kelly Rowland”.

Kelly rose hit the fame with Destiny’s Child’s success in the late ’90s. Their band went into the new century as one of the best selling female band in history. Kelly was barely in her 20s that time. Kelly was born and raised in Atlanta. She started singing as soon as she listened to the songs of Whitney Houston. She was just 4 at the time, but Houston’s 1985 album named Whitney Houston, was just enough to motivate her.

Recently, Kelly defended Destiny’s Child’s performance at Super Bowl after Keyshia Cole criticized the vocals of Michelle Williams. After Destiny’s Child reunited after a long time as part of Beyoncé’s musical set at the event, Cole tweeted: “I think I was frightened to blink for a sec. Then Michelle sung and woke my ass up from my daze! She always f**ks the groove up.”

Apr 13

[MUSIC VIDEO] Kelly Rowland – Commander (Feat. K-pop Girls)

Destiny’s Child Video Rating: four / 5

Mar 13

Beyonce Schoolin Life Music Video

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Feb 13

Williams set for her own reality series

Destiny’s Child’s singer Michelle Williams is all set to star in her very own reality television show called My Sister’s Keeper; but the show coincides with Destiny’s Child singer’s forthcoming gospel album release. The Entertainment One TV program will follow Michelle Williams and her sisters as her brand new album is released.

Tara Long, the executive producer, told that they are really very excited to expand upon their relationship with Michelle Williams on this new collaboration which will provide fans with a peek into her everyday life.

Michelle Williams told that working together on her new gospel album as well as TV series, she is excited to share with everyone a behind-the-scenes look at the inspiration and journey of recording for the album, performing, fun family times and other unforgettable experiences out together with her sisters.

Michelle’s untitled 4th studio album will be her 3rd gospel LP, and it is expected to be unveiled some time this year. Recently, Mitchelle joined Kelly Rowland and Beyoncé, her Destiny’s Child bandmates, for latter’s Super Bowl halftime show for her medley hits. She called their reunion at the New Orleans Mercedes-Benz Superdome arena as a blast.

Few days ago, Kelly Rowland dismissed the rumors of a Destiny’s Child reunion. Last week at the Grammy awards ceremony, she told that she could not tell anything about a possible tour. She knows that Beyoncé is touring. She has her new single ‘Kisses Down Low,’ and Michelle is doing Fela.

Feb 13

Beyoncé – Love On Top (Live at Roseland) – Video

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Jan 13

Kelly Rowland ft. Nelly – Commander (Remix) [HQ]

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Jan 13

Kelly Rowland speaks about her upcoming album

American recording artist and Destiny’s Child singer Kelly Rowland shared her suggestions during the live pre show for US version of the X-Factor. While chatting with the hosts Jesse Giddings and Adrienne Bailon, the singer offered some advice to the contestants of the show. The “Motivation” singer also provided update on her forthcoming album entitled Year of the Woman, schedule for 2013 release.

She said that she is very excited about the release of her album which will release most probably at the beginning of next year. Apart from having a little bit contribution of Lil Wayne’s single ICE, the album also feature a little bit contributions from Terry Lewis and Jimmy Jam, T-Minus, Rico Love and Rock City.

Kelly also added that this forthcoming album is one of his greatest pieces of work and she can’t wait anymore to share it with everyone. The Motivation singer also spoke about many other things as well related to his career. When she was asked about her experience about judging a reality show, she said that it is important to nurture the talent properly, especially in a show like XFactor. All you need is to make sure that you are judging the show properly and she also gave some tips to judges like Nicki Minaj.

When asked about Destiny’s Child she said that she was really grateful to be a part of such a group. Michelle and Beyonce are just incredible and as they all are team players and that is the reason why the group was so dynamic. She also said that America is ready for the group but she thinks that the world is not ready for such a group who can sing a capella and can even kill that on stage. She smilingly said that if the boy’s group are not careful, the girl’s group will shut them down.